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We are pleased to announce that our first free online course, "Digital Peacebuilding 101: Introducing technology for peacebuilding", is now available online!

Created in partnership with Build Up, who are working to find ways to build peace in the digital age, this is the first in a set of free introductory online courses.

Visit Build Up's website to explore the course, and learn how tech innovation, data management, strategic communications and networking can help you reach your goals:

The set of further courses will help you to understand and explore topics such as:

  • Technology in peacebuilding: How technology can be used in peacebuilding, conflict prevention and conflict transformation.
  • Data for peace: How to collect and analyse data to assess conflict dynamics.
  • Online conversations: How to run online consultations through messaging and conferencing apps, e-learning platforms and other digital spaces.
  • Designing technologies: How to design programs that use technology in a conflict sensitive way
  • Communications for peace: How to use text messages, social media and other communications to promote peace.
  • Remote capacity-building: How to use tech tools to deliver training and mentoring remotely.
  • Online conflict: How to identify and address conflicts that emerge online, such as hate speech, identity-based polarisation and rumours.

You will be able to engage with the courses in your own time by exploring animations, video lectures and webinars, and filling out worksheets to test your knowledge at a time that suits you.

To stay in the loop on the release of the rest of the courses, you can sign up here to receive updates.

Courses will initially only be available in English but will be translated to Spanish, French and Arabic soon. They will be made available both in an online format and over WhatsApp. You will be able to access the courses through a link on this website, through Build Up’s website, and through the Online Platform.

Have any questions on the course content? You can contact the Build Up team by emailing [email protected]

We hope you enjoy and learn a lot from the courses!

P.S. Don’t forget to visit our online platform to join conversations as part of a digital community of peacebuilders and check out our digital fund if you need support in purchasing digital tools.


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We hope that the opportunities offered through Digital Inclusion for Peace work for your needs and aspirations as a local peacebuilder. We would love to hear your feedback - if you have a comment or suggestion, please get in touch with us at [email protected].