About Digital Inclusion for Peace

In the face of the COVID-19 crisis, a strong message that has emerged from conversations with local people working to build peace is the urgent need for digital support, to help them continue and adapt their work to meet the changed environment. 

Our online consultation with 400 peacebuilders in April, COVID-19 and local peacebuilding, asked people around the globe how their lives and work have been affected by the current pandemic, what they need to continue and adapt their work, and how they see their role during this time of crisis.

While we learnt that many peacebuilders are adapting and integrating their work to respond to the crisis in innovative ways, we also found that a major obstacle to them fulfilling their potential in doing this is limited internet access and lack of the digital tools necessary to continue work remotely and join conversations online. 

Participants urgently requested that funders help them and their communities access the technologies they need to continue building peace. 

That’s why Shift Power for Peace decided to rapidly launch an initiative to provide not only financial support, but also online courses for digital peacebuilding, online networking spaces and other opportunities, so that local peacebuilders can adapt to online ways of working and continue their vital peacebuilding work.

“This pandemic is propelling us to re-examine the way we work, to find creative ways to promote peaceful resolution of conflicts in the regions we operate, and to find additional means to engage and meet our commitments, whether to partners on the ground or our funders.”

Read the full report: COVID-19 and Local Peacebuilding


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We hope that the opportunities offered through Digital Inclusion for Peace work for your needs and aspirations as a local peacebuilder. We would love to hear your feedback - if you have a comment or suggestion, please get in touch with us at [email protected].