About Shift Power for Peace

Shift Power for Peace is a collaboration between Conducive Space for Peace, Humanity United and Peace Direct. It was established with the shared goal of transforming the way local, national and international groups approach peacebuilding efforts, to focus on the agency and power of local people, working to build peace in their own contexts.  

Our work is founded on the belief that the current global peacebuilding and development model, where power and decision making is held by people furthest away from conflict contexts, is not working, and that the key to sustainable peace is local leadership. We are working to usher in a paradigm shift, in which the agency and power of local peacebuilders is recognized and valued. With this notion in mind, we have the opportunity to reimagine and redesign peacebuilding efforts so they are truly effective, inclusive, and sustainable.


About Conducive Space for Peace

Conducive Space for Peace is an International Peacebuilding organisation working to transform the global peacebuilding system and shifting the power to local peacebuilders.





About Humanity United

Humanity United is a foundation dedicated to cultivating the conditions for enduring freedom and peace. We support and build efforts to transform the systems that contribute to human exploitation and violent conflict.





About Peace Direct

Peace Direct works with local people to stop violence and build sustainable peace. We believe that local people should lead all peacebuilding efforts.



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